Welcome to VentGripz

Welcome to VentGripz

Glad you came to check out our store! If you've heard of us before, you know that we make the strongest magnetic phone mount on the market. It took us years to develop but it was worth every second. You might be interested, but don't think you really need VentGripz. Here's a few reasons why that's not true.

Driving without a phone mount is down right dangerous

You're constantly looking down at your phone when it's not mounted. We all know that this is a huge No-No. You travel the distance of a football field when you sneeze while driving, and it takes about 4x longer to look down and check your phone. VentGripz mounts your phone safely & securely at eye level to help prevent distracted driving, which is now the number one cause of traffic accidents in the US.

Most phone mounts bought on Amazon, Ebay, etc. are worthless

They only cost about .10 cents to make on average, and you'll be able to tell. Many have a similar color & shape to VentGripz, but that is where the comparison ends. They use either cheap spring mounts that clamp on the sides of your phone (bad for your phone) or super weak magnets that may completely drop your phone if you like to hit the gas the way we do. Got boost?

Many of our competitors "dropship" from China

Dropshipping means you're not buying from who you think you are. You may be buying from a teenager who watched a YouTube guru, threw together an online store in an hour, and is now selling products they have no idea about from halfway across the world. Most teenagers don't even have cars. Let alone, knowing how to research and build a quality phone mount for cars. 

Phone mounts are what we do

Making superior mounts for real drivers is what we're all about. From our proprietary rare earth neodymium magnets to our adjustable vent grippers, we know how to make a top notch mount. Don't just take our word for it. We have thousands of 5 star reviews & happy customers all over Instagram to prove it. So what are you waiting for? Get your VentGripz right now, you can't afford to drive without it!